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Careers at Equity Labs

Are you a passionate individual captivated by the allure of startups? At Equity Labs, we champion innovation and cutting-edge solutions within the financial consulting sphere. We’re on a quest for driven team members whose intellect and skills will contribute to the exponential growth of businesses we serve. Your role here will not only shape entrepreneurial success stories but also offer a trajectory of personal and professional growth.

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Qualities We Seek


Interest in Startups and Willingness to Learn

If startups captivate your imagination and the ever-changing rules of finance intrigue you, you’re the candidate we’re after. Your proclivity for continuous learning can be your biggest asset in our dynamic environment.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Creativity is the bedrock of our client offerings, and we seek team members who emulate that spirit. Ability to envision innovative solutions and adaptability to ever-changing circumstances are traits we highly value.


Dedication to Excellence

Your dedication to delivering nothing short of top-tier services will not only elevate our client’s satisfaction but also build enduring trust. Exceptional attention to detail is a must.


Competence and Professionalism

At Equity Labs, we set the bar high. Proficiency in your area of expertise, coupled with professional ethics, contributes to the integrity and trust we aim to build with each client interaction.


Flexibility and Adaptability

In a sector as dynamic as startups, your adaptability is not just a plus—it’s a necessity. Your ability to pivot in response to the evolving market and client needs is crucial to our collective success.

Our Investment in You

At Equity Labs, we recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. To support your success within our firm, we offer:


Continuous Learning and Development

We are committed to nurturing your growth through internal training, sponsored certification courses, and tailored professional development opportunities. Your growth is our growth, and we invest in your continuous learning.


Mentoring and Coaching

Guidance is essential for a successful career. We prioritize mentoring, offering regular counseling sessions, on-the-job training, and informal catch-ups to ensure that you have the support you need to excel.


Flexibility in Work

Discover a career that transcends a traditional 40-hour work week desk job. We champion a results-oriented culture where you have the freedom to redefine when and where you work. Whether you prefer flexible schedules, remote work options, or a results-driven approach, we prioritize your well-being and offer a career that adapts to your unique journey.


Embracing Hybrid Work

Trust and integrity guide our work philosophy. Since 2017, we’ve offered hybrid remote working, allowing you to decide where you work on most days. We’re committed to providing options that align with your lifestyle and ensure productivity.

Current Openings

Explore our open roles and find the right opportunity to contribute your skills and passion to Equity Labs. Join our team of thought leaders in the industry, where your ideas and enthusiasm can make a real difference.